The position of stars that Rose essayed by actress Kate Winslett looks up at in the movie Titanic was wrong, said astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Acting on this feedback, director James Cameron rectified it for the 3D 25th anniversary release of the movie. This was unquestionable proof of the fact that James Cameron loves doing, […]

Till That Glorious Moment Arrives, Keep Aspiring

The life of an aspirant is quite tough. Right from childhood, everyone tells you to ‘aspire’ for big things in life since you are made to do great things. But strangely enough, once you enter the phase where you are actually called an ‘aspirant’, there aren’t many people around to fall back on. Some of […]


The notion of rural development has been conceived in diverse ways by researchers, ranging from a set of goals and programmes to a well-knit strategy, approach or even an ideology. If we read through the relevant literature, we realise that its scope and content are vague and does not have well-accepted analytical boundaries. As has […]

SCIENCE – A Blessing Or A Curse

With the big drops of sweat pelting down my face, I felt as if the scorching heat of the Sun was conspiring to char me to death. But a zillion thanks to the inventions of science that  cool me down when I am on the verge of melting! Looking around me, I can’t help but […]


“Prevention is better than cure” is one of the most common and popular proverbs. It teaches us that it is better to take appropriate measures before the commencement of a problem than after it has already ensued. It is a highly valuable advice and when applied to deal with our daily life issues, it can […]


The most memorable journey in my life has been my visit to Hampi, also called the Group of Monuments at Hampi which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in east-central Karnataka. I visited along with my parents and neighbours for just one day when I was studying in the eighth standard.  My joy knew […]

Compassion Is The Basis Of All Morality

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” —Dalai Lama It was the deep-rooted love and compassion that made an ordinary British nurse, Florence Nightingale serve the wounded soldiers in Crimean War so selflessly that she became immortal in the pages of […]


“Whatever the problem is, the answer is not in the fridge”.  —Anonymous Our banking system, after being established in the later part of the 18th century, has seen some major changes that have driven a great deal of success into the system. The working of the banking system has constantly been subject to review and […]


To rule the roost, India needs to strengthen its roots! It is high time for our country to revive the culture of agriculture as it plays a critical role in taking nation’s economy to new heights. For long, India has been an agrarian country and prosperity of agriculture has direct impact on its overall Gross […]


“So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.” —Bahaullah India is a multiracial and multilingual country. There are high mountains, coastal lands, fertile plains, forests, deserts etc. Diversity in physical features  and climate and its influence on a person’s lifestyle, religious faith, language, food, dress habits make the people […]


Well-oiled hair, clean-shaven face, a full sleeve shirt with a black tie and a well-ironed black coat. A Rolex watch on the left wrist and medium fit black trousers with a leather belt, black socks and well-polished, shining black shoes. An ideal man as above sitting in the cabin of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) […]

Make It To The Top

Dear Friend, With a positive can-do attitude, boundless enthusiasm, total faith in the ultimate success and sustained effort, you can surely and certainly accomplish your chosen goal. Never have doubts about your ability or about your final success. No matter the obstacles, no matter the problems, resolve that you must and will succeed. This certainty […]