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WELCOME TO Competition Success Review.

Competition Success Review is an immensely popular magazine meant for students preparing for competitive examinations in different areas. It covers everything that is asked in different examinations held for selection of candidates for jobs throughout India. The Civil Services aspirants find it indispensable due to its all-encompassing format—both for objective and descriptive tests. In every issue, it gives a synopsis of events taking place globally and at home. Besides, it has permanent feature on interviews conducted for Civil Services aspirants side by side with the success stories of top candidates selected for Civil Services. They share their views through this magazine with the millions of students preparing for the three-stage CSE. Hardly any area, which students are supposed to know, is left out. The Constitution of India, the Gandhian Thought, Indian History, etc. constitute every issue. In addition, every issue contains solved question papers of different examinations to acquaint students with the trend of questions that are asked. For over three decades, it has been invariably ranked No. 1 magazine in its area in its 55 years of existence, adding new feathers to its cap.


What's New

Focus On Your Goal To Succeed

Dear Friend, Have you ever wondered why out of lakhs of students preparing for an exam for several years, only a few thousand manage to get the covete

Let Us Learn From The World’s Richest Man

Dear Friend, Everyone has his or her own set of heroes, depending upon his or her own area of work. Some revere sportspersons, others have high regard

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Where There Is Will, There Is A Way

Dear Friend, Talent is overrated. Most of the people who end up achieving their goals aren’t those who are more talented than others, or are more in

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Till That Glorious Moment Arrives, Keep Aspiring

Dear Friend, The life of an aspirant is quite tough. Right from childhood, everyone tells you to ‘aspire’ for big things in life since you are mad

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Yes, You Can Do It Best Or Not At All

Dear Friend, Whether the task is great or small, if you once begin it, never leave till it is done. What is more important, either you do it well or j

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A Champion Puts All He Has In Every Punch

Dear Friend, With an overhaul in economic policies, introduction of GST and with a new approach towards Digital India, the country today offers far gr

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Sooner Or Later The Man Who Wins Is The Man Who Thinks He Can

Dear Friend, Your success and happiness are directly related to the achievement of the goal you have chosen. After selecting the goal, you must send t

Make It To The Top

Dear Friend, With a positive can-do attitude, boundless enthusiasm, total faith in the ultimate success and sustained effort, you can surely and certa