About Us

Competition Success Review (CSR) started with a mission to help the Youth of India to succeed in all competitive spheres irrespective of their economic background. It is a monthly publication in India aimed primarily at students preparing for Civil service, MBA and other competitive exams and was first published in 1964 as a pull-out supplement.

In a highly competitive world, CSR provides the means to make the ordinary youth an extraordinary person. We try to ignite the spark in ambitious minds. That the youth in the country, regular and committed subscribers to CSR since their schooldays, excel in different walks of life, testify to the fact that they owe a lot to the guidance provided by CSR. It makes us feel proud. It motivates us to strive harder for our readers. At CSR, we are committed to providing the best for the leaders of tomorrow.

CSR focuses on Current Affairs and News on National and International issues, along with supplements on courses like MBA. Today CSR is a leading educational magazine. The National Readership Survey suggests that the CSR’s average yearly readership is more than 1 million.


1960 - 2020
1960 : CSR Group started publishing books
1964 : Competition Success Review was launched
1971 : General Knowledge Today was launched as a quarterly
1978 : CSR crossed 1,00,000 mark
1981 : CSR was certified by ABC as the largest selling magazine among all monthlies and fortnightlies in English
1982 : CSR crossed 2,00,000 mark
1982 : CSR Year Book was published for the first time
1987 : GKT was converted into a monthly
1991 : CSR remains the largest selling magazine
1992 : Total number of books published crossed 100
1995: CSR was awarded International Diamond Star for Quality in Mexico
1997: 50 years of Independence were celebrated with the award of Gold medals to distinguished personalities
2001 : CSR & GKT became the largest read magazines, as certified by NRS
2002 : CSR Hindi was launched
2003 : CSR Hindi Year Book was launched
2007 : CSR B-School Rankings were introduced
2009 : Engineering Success Review was launched and CSR remains the largest selling magazine for over 25 years
2011 : CSR Career Almanac was launched
2012 : CSR started Education Awards honouring eminent educationists
2013 : 4 new IAS Special (Annual) Issues on GS, CSAT, Current Affairs & Indian Economy were launched
2016 : Top Mock Tests from India's Top Institutes are being published every month
2020 : CSR Group celebrating 60th year
and the journey continues .........