Prof. V.P. Gupta,Director, Rau’s IAS Study Circle, New Delhi – Jaipur – Bengaluru This article caters to the Social section of General Studies – Paper I & II and for Essay Paper in the UPSC Main Examination “Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of […]


An average adult laughs about 10 times a day. Put that up against the 300 laughs that an average child enjoys in a single day. No wonder why the little ones are happier, healthier and more enthusiastic than the grown-ups. And this claim is not just a possibility, it is a fact understood from years […]

POLITICS OF CASTE AND RELIGION A Challenge To Indian Democracy?

One long-held shibboleth which defined the bedrock foundation of our nation, ‘Unity in Diversity’ now needs urgent replacement with ‘Unity in Adversity’. Of late, many incidents were given communal colour including murder, rape and conflicts. These cases have laid bare the quantum of bitterness and hatred running profusely among different sects and sections of our […]

A Champion Puts All He Has In Every Punch

Dear Friend, With an overhaul in economic policies, introduction of GST and with a new approach towards Digital India, the country today offers far greater opportunities than ever before to our youth. Those young men and women who have faith in themselves, the courage and the urge to reach great heights can find many openings […]


The most memorable journey in my life has been my visit to Hampi, also called the Group of Monuments at Hampi which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in east-central Karnataka. I visited along with my parents and neighbours for just one day when I was studying in the eighth standard.  My joy knew […]


“Prevention is better than cure” is one of the most common and popular proverbs. It teaches us that it is better to take appropriate measures before the commencement of a problem than after it has already ensued. It is a highly valuable advice and when applied to deal with our daily life issues, it can […]

The Khilafat And Non-Cooperation Movement

The defeat of Turkey in the First World War and the dismemberment of the mighty Ottoman empire, which once stretched from the Arabian Sea to the Black Sea, as a result thereof, injured the sentiments of the Muslims all over the world. They had always worshipped the Sultan of Turkey as Caliph—the Vice-Regent of Prophet […]


Pen and sword are two different objects, when compared they would have nothing in common, yet it is a famous proverb that “the pen is mightier than a sword”. This proverb itself symbolises the greatness and effectiveness of a pen as compared to a sword. Both are used in their specific areas, both have their […]

The Federal System

Administrative Relations Between The Union And The States One of the most difficult problems under a federal system is the adjustment of administrative relations between the Union and the States. In the absence of clear provisions in the Constitution, considerable difficulty is often experienced by the Union and the States in the discharge of their […]

The Swarajists

The elections to the Central Legislature and the Provincial Legislative Councils under the Government of India Act, 1919, were held in the winter of 1920. The Indian National Congress had resolved to boycott them. A number of liberal leaders were elected, prominent among whom were Srinivasa Shastri and Sivaswami Aiyer. They were great patriots and […]