Demand For ‘Purna Swaraj’

The period between 1929 and 1939 marks an important stage in the political and constitutional history of India. The Congress moved from Dominion Status demand to Complete Independence in 1929. January 26 became the day for national oath to fight for Complete Independence. Later, it was on this day in 1950 that India adopted its […]

A Thing Of Beauty Is
A Joy Forever

The phrase is the opening line of the John Keats’s poem—Endymion. The gist of the famous poem can be interpreted in various ways. The sense of beauty and its display which continues to expand is considered eternal and hence utopian in nature—the symbolic emblem. It is ubiquitous but intangible—very soft and dynamic. Oh, it is […]


Majority of us are aware of the term “corruption” as it is frequently used in daily parlance. What is corruption? Different pictures emerge in our mind.  The most plausible reference to the nature of corruption could be assessed in the words of Joe Bidden, 47th Vice President of the United States of America, “Corruption is […]

Basic Principles Of The Constitution

Every constitution reflects the ideas and ideals of the people who framed it. Although it is intended to be a document of permanent value, it is bound to reflect also the conditions and circumstances of the period in which it was framed. The Constitution of India is no exception to this; it embodies certain basic […]


The basic necessities for the survival of life are air, water, food, shelter, etc. and of course, how can we forget the “almighty Internet”. Our entire lives are dependent on the Internet, from how to solve a maths problem to the funniest memes—the almighty lord internet has all the answers. Now some may argue that […]

MAHATMA GANDHI Father Of The Nation

On Bapu’s sesquicentennial anniversary, the curriculum ‘Nai Talim’ advocated by him must get respectable place in the National Education Policy. In his own words, “…Only everyhandicraft has to be taught not merely mechanically as is done today, but scientifically i.e. the child should know the why and wherefore of every process….”His new system of vocational […]

Science A Blessing Or A Curse

In ancient times, man was a helpless toy in the hands of nature. He was completely at the mercy of forces of nature and lived with the constant fear of strong creatures. But with the blessings of science, he has now become the master of land, water and sky. He has also become the lord […]


“Sapnon ki apni dukaan; Find it, love it, buy it”,these are some of the taglines of leading online shopping firms that describe the ever growing online shopping industry. Online shopping is a B2C component of e-commerce industry which allows customers to buy products online and get it delivered at their doorstep by a delivery partner. […]

Round Table Conferences And After

First Round Table Conference (Nov. 12, 1930 to Jan. 19, 1931) In the wake of the ruthless suppression of the snowballing Civil Disobedience Movement, the British Government summoned in London, on November 12, 1930, the First Round Table Conference of Indian leaders and the spokesmen of the British Government to discuss the Simon Commission Report. […]


It goes without saying that social media has revolutionised all walks of life today. No other platform is engaging people to share their ideas as much as social media does. People irrespective of their schools and affiliations are agog to express their views on any issue across the globe with a single click. It has […]

Yes, You Can

Dear Friend, India has always been a slow paced nation with little significance of deadlines. It takes decades to implement a policy, for a court case to be resolved and in some cases, even to pass a bill in Parliament. We have become so accustomed to this way of life that if something is done […]


“Work and worship are necessary to take away the veil, to lift off the bondage and illusion.” —Swami Vivekananda We cannot survive without work. We may enjoy a couple of days without work being free of all duties and responsibilities but we feel disoriented thereafter. If workless period continues much longer, we feel bored and […]


“We don’t own the planet earth, we belong to it. And we must share it with our wildlife.” —Steve Irwin India is unique in having immense natural beauty and a rich and diverse wildlife. It is such a diverse country comprising creatures from the smallest ant to the biggest like the elephant. It is very […]