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May 2020

Mind Your Health And Hygiene To Triumph Over The Testing Times Of Corona Crisis Dear Friend, With most of the world reeling under the impact of lockdowns, the humankind continues to confront an unprecedented Covid-19-induced crisis. It is perhaps the biggest crisis of your generation. The decisions we the people and the governments take today […]

April 2020

Your Destiny Is In Your Own Hands! Dear Friend, This is an absolutely vital stage of your life and career. The decisions that you take now will determine how your entire life will proceed. You should only focus on your career at this crucial ‘make or break’ stage of your life. Your parents and families […]

A message from CSR Team

Dear Subscribers, Given the growing concerns around COVID-19, we’ve made the difficult decision to keep our offices shut. This is in accordance with Government directives. It was a tough call to make. It is incredibly important for CSR to get our magazines out to all our readers but we need to prioritize the health and […]

March 2020

Yes, You Can Save Two Hours A DayTo Become What You Want To Be Dear Friend, The headline of this message may leave you wondering: Save two whole hours?… that too from an already hectic schedule? That’s impossible!—many of you may shrug off incredulously. But believe us, it is possible. Your intrinsic commitment to your […]

February 2020

Yes, You Can Gift Yourself Success in 2020Take Charge, Take Control and Take A Leap Dear Friend, We have entered the year 2020. Most of you are also in your 20s. The 2020 also rhymes well with T20 cricket, and, to that effect, it beckons you to play the ball of your life and career […]