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Master The Art Of Conversation

Here, I bring to your notice an attribute that will serve you all your life—the art of conversation. You have an immediate relevance of it in the context of the Personality Test that you must conquer as a last citadel in your journey to ace various competitive examinations, particularly the UPSC Civil Services Examination. For […]

Count On CSR For Success

The journey to eventual career success is indeed tough. There are many ups and downs on the path of success. During the course of this journey, life often resembles a roller coaster ride. But, remember that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Recall legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, who actually lived this dictum. […]

To Know Is To Win

Have you ever taken note of what is common between you reading CSR to crack the UPSC Civil Services Examination, MBA Admission tests, etc. and the earlier toppers of these exams ? The common connecting threads, although in varying proportions, are willpower, determination, learning from setbacks, and above all, knowledge. If you acquire these virtues to […]

Learn To Develop A Strong Self-Belief

You must have noticed three magical words we always put at the top of this page: Yes, You Can. These are simple—perhaps most ordinary—words. A layperson will not need to look at a dictionary for their meaning. But, within them, these words hold immense power. They are truly magical. Whenever you find yourself inadequate to […]

Cultivate A Strong Sense Of Humour

I know each one of you out there has many traits and qualities in your personality that will take you places. You are honest, kind, courageous, wise, ambitious, adaptable, hard-working, intelligent, and much more, the traits that will make you a good and successful person. Here is one more characteristic that everyone has not been […]