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Give Your Eyes A New Lease Of Life

Dear Friend, Today I share with you an interesting nugget which many of you might not have an idea about. Before the invention of television, computer, Internet, smartphone and entire paraphernalia attached to the digital life, sources of information and knowledge were quite different. Books, encyclopedias, newspapers, magazines and such other printed sheets were the […]

The Tips & Tricks For Success

Dear Friend, The announcement of UPSC Civil Services Exam results has invariably been an occasion for celebrations for all of us at the CSR. No, please don’t get me wrong. True, neither we appear in nor does anyone of us crack the prestigious exam. But, as a result of constantly helping the aspirants with the […]

Gear Up! Future Beckons You

Dear Friend, With the deadly second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic having petered out to very great extent, the emerging other scenarios hold good tidings for all. This is more so for the student fraternity and career aspirants like you, whose future dreams had been hanging fire for long because of the all-encompassing disruptions and […]