Gear Up! Future Beckons You

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With the deadly second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic having petered out to very great extent, the emerging other scenarios hold good tidings for all. This is more so for the student fraternity and career aspirants like you, whose future dreams had been hanging fire for long because of the all-encompassing disruptions and restrictions. As such, in spite of the talks and apprehensions about a third wave, the life is getting back on track for most of you aspiring for career success. By now, aided by a vaccination drive in full swing, we have generally learnt to not only live with the virus but also beat it. As such, it is high time that you reclaim, revive and revitalise your dreams and take charge of your destiny. Most of you must have utilised the long home-bound period to prepare for your future, but now is the time to deliver.

As you would be aware, the dates of several competitive examinations, which had remained suspended in view of the pandemic, have finally either been announced or will be declared in very near future. The most prominent of the examinations which are round the corner include: UPSC Civil Services Exam, 2021; UPSC Indian Forest Service Exam, 2021 and UPSC National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination (II), 2021. These announcements are no less than a ‘New Beginning’ even though the schools, colleges and institutes of higher learning still remain closed and academic cycles remain greatly disturbed. Thus, time has come for all of you looking forward to take the competitive exams, to give final touches to your preparation and brush up your knowledge with the latest—particularly by reading and revisiting the relevant past and upcoming issues of The Competition Success Review, General Knowledge Today and other publications of our Group. The present times beckon you to finally give wings to your dreams of a good and fulfilling life. 

However, it would be possible only if you take the competitive examinations in right earnest and with positive attitude—with all the grit, determination and perseverance that are pre-requisites for any success. Many of you may not be aware that just a few decades back, there were only a handful of career choices. But your generation is lucky and fortunate because present are the times when there are hardly any aptitude, hobbies or interests that don’t find a matching career. So, always rest assured of your goals and never let your dreams die in any circumstances. Also remember that the mantra of success in this new-age is : ‘adapt to and adopt the Information Technology and all its burgeoning advancements.’

Thanks to the Information Technology, the Year 2020 and onwards have been path-breaking and watershed times that have changed the pedagogy and other means of learning forever. The ever-emerging technology has added many new dimensions to career choices available today—most of which revolve around ABCD of technology, i.e., Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and Data Analytics.  The Union Government’s new National Education Policy (NEP 2020) also puts emphasis on digitisation besides the use of technology in education.

These swiftly changing times also require that even if you jump over presumably the last hurdle of the ‘hurdle race’ of your career growth, you always remain a learner. Here, you should take note that there is a modern concept which is increasingly gaining currency, and that is : ‘Learn, Unlearn and Relearn’.

According to Dr. Margie Warrell, a bestselling author of five books, thriving in today’s accelerated world requires adopting a learner’s mindset—embracing the natural discomfort that comes from letting go the old and mastering the new.  She rightly says that the concept of unlearning and relearning has never been more relevant as today. As the futurist Alvin Toffler wrote: “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”  Experts of the day advocate youngsters like you to ‘Challenge your mental maps.’ Only by continually challenging and interrogating your own best-thinking can you do the requisite unlearning and relearning to make smarter decisions as you navigate unchartered ground ahead. They also prescribe that you should “practice Deja vu and consult your future self.” Think of a challenge or opportunity you’re currently facing and imagine you are looking at it for the very first time. In this context, you may choose to step into the shoes of the all-time famous character of ‘Doc’ in the landmark 1985 American science fiction film ‘Back to the Future’ and imagine that it is 2050 and you’re looking back 29 years at the situation you are in today. Try it, just imagine, and you will see and feel the difference. “What got you here won’t get you there”—this book by Mr. Marshall Goldsmith also speaks about the deep need to continually upgrade the assumptions underpinning the mental maps in our heads.

However, while you make yourself adept in technology, e-learning and digitised world, do never forget that the books in physical forms can never lose their relevance—not only because they are handy and easy to refer to but also because most of knowledge contained in them, including the ancient wisdom, is yet to come in digital domain. In the present times, the prudent is he who, besides imbibing the basic success tenets of hard work, determination and positive attitude, also remains grounded in both present as well as the future in the spirit of ‘a life-long learner.’ And when it comes to sustained learning, you can count on CSR, like thousands of successful students over the last about six decades.

Wishing you all the best and assuring you our complete commitment to the cause of your success!

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