“Every time there’s a new tool, whether it’s internet or smartphones or anything else, all these things can be used for good or evil. Technology is neutral; it depends on how it is used.”
—Rick Smolan

A revolution occurred in the field of communication when the basic cell phones were developed in the 1990s. Gradually, these phones evolved with multiple features such as internet, applications, multimedia, GPS, etc. As the human civilisation progressed and got inclined towards scientific innovations, we have tried our level best to mitigate the manual work. Soothing our muscles by inventing multitude of gadgets and machines has been our sole aim. In our lives, a smartphone is one of the most commonly used devices which provides us knowledge, entertainment and most importantly, helps us in long as well as short distance communication. One could imagine a time when people used to write letters and send telegrams which was too slow in comparison to the present day telecom service.
The ease in paying bills, buying multifarious things online, viewing videos or even reading a book are some of the things that prove its utility. These days corporate meetings and telephonic interviews are conducted virtually. A tourist is no longer required to carry physical maps with the advent of GPS and offline Google maps. It is indeed convenient and cheap. The people are seeking entertainment and socialising on phones. It is now an indispensable device, rather a loyal friend of every modern human being. The business of smartphones is growing with every passing day and every month new phones are launched in the market to provide a unique experience to the customers. The range of services via smartphones is in fact endless.
The role of smartphones in our lives is becoming epochal. But, it is now observed that we are getting addicted to it. Especially, the younger generation is spending hours on social media which otherwise would have been utilised in doing some other productive work. Earlier, people used to read books, play outdoor games and learn new skills. Unfortunately, the trend today is of uploading photos unnecessarily to flaunt and chat for long hours relentlessly. The people are least concerned as to who is seated beside them in a train as they are busy chatting with someone on phone. The motive of a phone was to assist the transfer of information swiftly which has been exploited by us. Alas! people are seen talking on phone for hours without any purpose. The youngsters watch videos, play games, chat and waste their precious time on unnecessary things. Materialism like that of the industrial age is dawning again. Reports of scientific researches testify the ill-effects of using smartphones for our health. It makes our eyes weak, affects our ears and imposes a lot of strain on our neck.
Thus, it is high time we ignore the guidelines of using devices in making our lives easier. We must ensure limited usage of it by not indulging largely on social media as well as talking on phone for passing time. The variety of applications should be used judiciously. The optimal way to get rid of the smartphone addiction would be to watch our actions and interact with people in the surroundings. Setting time periods in which one shouldn’t use his phone can be an effective remedy. Relaxation techniques such as walking, yoga, meditation, etc. can help individuals to cope with the craving to use their smartphone or access social media frequently. It is rightly said, “Excess of every thing is bad”. Therefore, this age-old adage should not be compromised with.

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