Well-oiled hair, clean-shaven face, a full sleeve shirt with a black tie and a well-ironed black coat. A Rolex watch on the left wrist and medium fit black trousers with a leather belt, black socks and well-polished, shining black shoes. An ideal man as above sitting in the cabin of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bank of America headquarters in New York. A well-maintained room with a buzz of activity round the clock. A normal accessible cabin with a few people always present analysing our past mistakes, correcting them in the present, making strategies for the future and development plans.

 But, the path to success is not at all rosy. I am the most ardent believer of the saying, “Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” This is the truest saying till date and holds true in things including sports, physical labour, mental work and even studies.

 We need to have a strategy for each and everything we do. I strongly believe that Ambition without persistence and hard work leads one towards distress and disappointment, whereas hard work without ambition and strategy leads us to a dead end. But when both combine, we become invincible. We need to be focussed, dedicated, hardworking and consistent.

I have a live example in my house itself. My eldest sister, Miss Juhi Agrawal has already secured admissions to prestigious B-Schools like SIBM, NMIMS, IMT, SCMHRD. The results of others like XLRI, IIFT, FORE, XIMB, LBS, IIM-RANCHI, K.J. SOMAIYA etc. are pending. She is very hardworking. I too would like to fit in her huge boots which is going to pose quite a challenge for me. People say that you work hard for two years and get a hefty pay package. But, this is sheer foolhardiness and they ought to understand that the preparation for this starts at a much younger age.

 I have a dream like a shining star in my eye. I wish to become an MBA in finance from Harvard University. I imagine myself going there to give a guest lecture as an alumni of the college with my hoardings and posters all around the place. I have already started preparations for that with the initial part being reading newspapers and magazines in depth, conversing in English and taking part in extempore, elocution and writing competitions.

My ambition is to clear my 12th standard with an all-time record of 99% in CBSE and get admission in D.R. and R.B. College of Commerce. From there on, I would like to join the Chartered Accountancy course and not go for any classes. I would work hard to secure an All India Rank in all the three levels including Common Proficiency Test (CPT), Intermediate (IPCC) and the FINALS. By the time I complete my CA course, I would also be a graduate and would like to be a postgraduate from a famed and renowned university. I believe in the saying, ‘Push till the limit. Then push harder.’ I will be joining the ‘Endeavor Classes’ and fortify what I had developed in myself as a base. I will read and read, study and study and make the most of each and every moment I have. Though my ultimate aim is to study in Harvard and Oxford, I have learnt that we should not take risky chances. My teachers told me that it is good to have ambitions but we must not keep them very high as when they are not fulfilled, we are distressed. Hence, I would also appear for the Indian exams like CAT, XAT, NMAT, CMAT, MAT etc. Once, I clear the written tests, I will also go in depth over current issues facts, newspapers as this is what Writing Ability Test, Group Discussion, Personal Interview is all about.

After entering my dream college, I would like to win the prestigious ‘Student of the Year’ trophy. Finally, I wish to be employed by the Bank of America.

Last but the most important, I would like to become a good human being
if not the best because I believe in actor Aamir Khan’s character ‘Rancho’ who says in the movie ‘3 Idiots’ — “You chase excellence. Success will chase you.” Whether I am able to fulfil all my dreams or not I am desperate to fulfil at least one: Become a good human being. This is my ambition in life.

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