Make It To The Top

Dear Friend,

With a positive can-do attitude, boundless enthusiasm, total faith in the ultimate success and sustained effort, you can surely and certainly accomplish your chosen goal. Never have doubts about your ability or about your final success. No matter the obstacles, no matter the problems, resolve that you must and will succeed. This certainty of success will automatically create the conditions and opportunities for success. People do not follow leaders who lack faith and direction; they flock to and back those who promise and deliver success. Appearance and conduct count a great deal. You must, always and ever, look, talk and act like a winner. If you are sure-footed, others will unhesitatingly walk in your footsteps. Positive thinking and confident approach have multiplier effect—they generate enthusiasm and promote self-confidence. And enthusiasm being contagious, it ensures all those who are associated with you to get enthusiastic and remain so. Enthusiasm enables ordinary ones to perform extraordinary deeds.

You have to think of success, imagine success, desire success, dream of success and toil for success, so that success becomes yours. Success comes from sustained efforts towards your goal and it becomes yours when you accomplish your goal or objective. Success follows success. As you keep attaining your goal and reaping success, you will find fixing for yourself bigger and more challenging goals and achieving greater and more satisfying success. Success cannot be conceived or achieved in a vacuum. You have to have a definite aim, a decisive, definite, time-bound goal backed by a strong, sustained, intense and burning desire to achieve it paying the price for it in terms of your time, effort, energy, resoluteness and single-minded concentration.

Nothing is impossible. All obstacles and problems, no matter how big or difficult they appear, can be overcome or resolved. Where there is a will, there is a way. You can accomplish and achieve anything. All the gadgets and feats of modern technology and science were regarded as impossible by our forefathers. But someone imagined them, thought of them, worked tirelessly for them and made the impossible into possible. Man is able to fly high in the sky or dive down deep in the sea, set foot on the moon or split the atom because someone of his brethren imagined it, desired it intensely and toiled for it ceaselessly with dedication and determination. The capacity to succeed is inherent in all human beings without exception. Success results when this inherent capacity is put to full use. The utilisation of the capacity is hard work. Success is hard work which takes you to your chosen, cherished goal.

One can have several goals but the golden rule is to concentrate and work on one at any one time, to the exclusion of others. If you succeed in attaining one goal, you will automatically be motivated to work for the next one and so on, attaining success in each. You will thus acquire the success habit. What is required is the fixing up of priorities and good planning where the realisation of one goal will pave the way for working and realisation of the next goal. One does not become a celebrity or a master overnight. You have to begin at the base of the mountain before you can climb its tallest peak. One thing at a time and that well done is the proven rule to success. Begin now and get going and keep doing. Decide what you want and go after it with all you have got. Your success is sure and certain.

Always thinking of your sure success,

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