“So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.”


India is a multiracial and multilingual country. There are high mountains, coastal lands, fertile plains, forests, deserts etc. Diversity in physical features  and climate and its influence on a person’s lifestyle, religious faith, language, food, dress habits make the people look different but the heritage of India binds them together. Humanism, spiritual urge, brotherhood, friendship, love for all and religious tolerance make the Indians live in unity and harmony.

 In ancient times, India was divided into many small kingdoms ruled by different rulers. Kings often fought with each other disturbing the unity of the people. British followed the Divide and Rule policy in India to continue their reign, but they were unsuccessful. National symbols, National emblem, cultural unity, Constitution help strengthen National Integration in India.

 India is a land of various religions and communities like Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists etc. National Integration is possible in such a nation only when all these people live together without hating each other. Love for one another, sharing in others’ festivals and respecting their traditions and cultures help build National Integration. They should have respect for all religious people. Godhood could be attained by devotion and tolerance.

 People of India speak different languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Gujarati, Bengali, Malayalam, Sanskrit etc. Language is the means of communication, but now it has become an instrument for division. If we realise all other languages are as good and special as our own language they would become the instrument of growth, development and common brotherhood.

 To reinforce the importance of National Integration, every year National Integration Day is observed on 19th November (Birth Anniversary of former Prime Minister the late Indira Gandhi). It is celebrated to instil a feeling of  peace, harmony between all the citizens of the country. The aim of National Integration Day is to develop better understanding among the youth about diverse perceptions, faiths and life styles and strengthen the bonds of unity among Indians.

 The feeling and thought that all are the sons of Bharat, all Indians are brothers and sisters is a major step towards the growth of National Integration along with the National Symbols, National Flag and National Anthem. ‘United we stand divided we fall’ is the spirit with which the Indians live and safeguard National Integration. The unity of India which we have achieved is basically the result of the cultural heritage which has developed through ages right from the days of Indus Valley Civilisation culture.

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