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Fortune favours those who give more than 100 per cent to the cause they take up. Once again, we have a list of 933 whose fortunes are smiling on them with their spectacular success in UPSC CSE 2022-23. Making it to the final list of successful candidates in CSE is always challenging. We used to say that it is one of the toughest competitive exams. Mainly, it is the hardest in terms of the quality of effort one needs to put into the preparations. But look at the sheer volume of the competition. The 933 recommended for appointment in Civil Services are less than 0.1 per cent of the initial aspirants who applied for Prelims, and that too when the number of vacancies to be filled have increased from 749 in 2021 to 1,022 in 2022. So, of course, you must give over 100 per cent of your strength, perseverance, wisdom and self-confidence to succeed in this examination; you also have to have luck on your side.

It comes with great pride for everyone in the country that the top four positions have been secured by women candidates this year, compared to three last time. More importantly, it is emerging as a consistent trend. Not only the proportion of women among successful candidates has constantly been increasing year after year, but they are also striving to occupy more and more top positions in every exam. In CSE 2022-23, six out of the top 10, 12 out of the top 20, and 14 out of the top 25 are women. Their share in the overall list has gone over one-third this time. Since women have shown to be grittier, studier, less corrupt, and more compassionate towards the oppressed masses, we can expect the quality of Civil Services to change for the better in the long run.

Once again, hard work, motivation, self-study, consistency, single-minded devotion, self-belief, smart study, a planned approach, a sound understanding of concepts, and evolving one’s own thorough opinion on relevant issues emerge as the most significant traits of successful candidates. Talking to the CSR, Delhi’s Ms. Ishita Kishore, the topper, advises the future aspirants, “Always be honest with yourself and give your 100 per cent.” A strong advocate of self-study, Bihar’s Ms. Garima Lohia, AIR 2, defied the notion that coaching classes are essential for UPSC CSE preparation. “Work hard, be consistent in your studies, stay disciplined, and you will surely achieve success,” she says.

Telangana’s Ms. Uma Harathi N., AIR 3, and Patna’s Mr. Rahul Srivastava, AIR 10, achieved better success by concentrating on what was essential. Ms. Harathi advises, “Read as much as needed and practice a lot”, while Mr. Srivastava says, “Too much can be confusing. Focus on basic books and keep revising them multiple times.” The words of
Ms. Smriti Mishra, AIR 4, equally resonate when in an exclusive interview to CSR, she says, “Study and evaluate— parameters being the previous years’ papers. Keep your sources minimum and credible.” Assam’s Dr. Mayur Hazarika, AIR 5, the topper among men, gave a slightly different perspective while interviewed by CSR. He puts as much stress on “having a mental support system, whether your parents or friend or others” as he underlines the need to “develop perseverance and discipline with studies.” Haryana’s Ms. Kanika Goyal, AIR 9, has a bit of plain and simple advice, “Believe in yourself”.

Finally, let me introduce you to another topper of all the competitive exams in general and the UPSC CSE in particular. It is none other than humbly yours CSR. None of the toppers of the CSE 2022-23 we came across after the results were out on May 23, 2023 considered themselves to be not part of the CSR family. All of them acknowledged that CSR had been a great help to them in their preparation and success. Moreover, most of them received it as a family legacy. Ms. Ishita Kishore said “My parents encouraged me to refer CSR.” Appreciating this magazine as a source of inspiration, they found updates on current affairs, editorial analysis, identification of and elaboration on current issues, toppers’ interviews, etc., instrumental in their preparation.

So, bucketful congratulations to all the toppers out there. We will keep improving ourselves and play a more significant role in the success of future aspirants.

Wishing you all success and happiness.

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