Strive To Change For Better Before Life Changes You For Worse

One of the most beautiful things about life is that it flows and it flows without a pause. It is never static. It never stands still. Every morning, the Sun rises with new rays. Every evening, the Moon comes in one of its new lunar phases or Chand Ki Kalayen, as they are called in Hindi. So is life. It changes every day, every hour, every moment. You must have heard a famous saying: The only constant in life is change. So, we change constantly.
We are bound to change constantly. Change is a fact of life, which no one can escape
from. Now the question is: whether you want to change for better or for worse? Choice is yours.
In fact, you must choose to change for better. Yes, you have to choose to change for better. You have no alternative. I tell you why. You change for worse only when you are not conscious about the imperative of changing for the better. If you do not try and
change for better, you are bound to change for worse since change is, afterall, bound
to happen. So, I urge you that you must make a conscious effort to move in life
towards betterment because if you do not do that, then the natural flow of life
would most probably take you towards changes that might be worse than your present state of life.
Another peculiar thing about life is that it does not wait. It does not wait for you to be prepared to face challenges of life. It gives you a challenge when you least expect it. You have to be prepared for a change before life throws you towards it. You only
need lethargy and inertia to allow your life to change for worse, while you have to be
conscious, willing and prepared for your life to take a positive turn. As Brazilian lyricist and novelist, Mr. Paulo Coelho, better known for his world bestseller The Alchemist,
says, “Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our
So, how can you prepare yourself for each and every challenge that life throws at you and, in turn, change for better? Here are some simple tips. First, surround yourself with greatness. There is an old adage that you are sum of the four of five people closest to you. If you want to be inspired with truly awesome ideas, then surround yourself with great thinkers. They will inspire you and bring the best out of you. Second, explore your creativity. We are all creative in our own unique ways. Be it drawing, painting, singing, playing musical instruments, poetry, crafting, arranging things in house in an innovative way or something completely different, get creative and see where it leads you. You might be surprised at how quickly inspiration strikes. Third, do something new. If you always do the same things, you take a risk of being caught up in a rut of clichéd things that lead you to same old results. Only by doing something different, you inspire fresh ideas.
Fourth, examine the anatomy of great ideas. How did Einstein come across his best ideas? What is the approach of Elon Musk? Study the greats and learn all you can from them. Fifth, always look for a new perspective. You can do it by looking at things from a different angle. It can be tough to do since we are often comfortably entrenched in our familiar ways of approaching the situations. By taking a new perspective, you will be seeing things with fresh eyes and ready to soak up the inspiration. Sixth, silence your internal chatter. Your inner mind chatter keeps you forever distracted from the truly awesome ideas. By silencing your inner mind chatter, you will make room for inspiration to flow in and inspire new ideas. A great way to do this is through a daily meditation practice. Lastly, listen and observe. Take some time to sit back and observe the world around you. The world and everyone in it are endless sources of inspiration if only you are ready to take in what they have to offer.
So, when change is inevitable in life, try and change for the better. Always strive to become better. It has an infectious quality about it. When you strive to become better, you become an inspiration for others to become better. I again quote Mr. Paulo Coelho, who says, “When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”
With these sagacious words, I wish all the best to you in life.

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