July 2020

Keep Calm, Carry On, And Succeed

Dear Friend,

Nothing lasts forever, nor will the Covid-19 pandemic. So, while the global scientific community races against time to beat the virus, we are left with only option to wait for the glad tidings and the good old days to come back. It is time to take this crisis in stride with positivity and without fearing the fear. Let’s follow great spiritual leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev when he advises that we should not worry about what to do tomorrow because we do not know how the virus will play out. “So, we have to wait, and while we wait, the best thing to do is to invest in self and upgrade ourselves in terms of mind, body as well as soul”.

“Let’s commit to ourselves that, to begin with, two months down the line, we will be at least 10 percent more fitter physiologically, 10 percent sharper mentally, 10 percent more emotionally balanced, 10 percent more effervescent energetically and 10 percent more competent than what we are now,” rightly says the Sadhguru. Also take recourse to meditation, yoga and spirituality to be at peace. Stay steady, focussed, mentally agile and active because things will definitely fall back in place and the uncertainty will end.

With Indian polity pressing on with corona-induced pause in traditional teaching and learning, the affected student fraternity continues to be at the crossroads of confusion, difficulty, dilemma and unprecedented uncertainty. But, note that in every adversity lies an opportunity. While the education sector stands at the cusp of change coupled with a new normal, these times of transition offer you an excellent opportunity to change too. A comprehensive change for better!

Success in these troubled times is to keep moving forward and constantly evolving into a better self—all in terms of outlook, knowledge, attitude, personality and health. Remember that change is the only thing that is constant. Now is the time for you to change in tune with the changing times and turn adversity into avenue of personal growth. In these troubled times, don’t bother as to where you stand today, and instead focus on what direction you are moving. These times of disruption beckon you to go for constructive and creative change.

However, as you embrace change, the key to a sustainable success is to maintain your calm, composure and focus.
Keep Calm And Carry On”—this was the message in a popular poster published by the British Government to mentally prepare its citizens ahead of attacks on its cities during World War II.  Beyond its original intent, the message remains relevant today, particularly for you, when the global fight on Covid-19 is invoking comparisons to a world war. But at the epicentre of a storm, it is always calm. So, find that centre and make it your own.

With Covid-19 pandemic still unrelenting, many competitive examinations have been postponed yet again. This gives you more time to prepare and realise your dreams. You may be bound to live with Covid-19, but not with lethargy and laxity about your future goals. So, shed any negativity and stretch your limits. Believe us, if you do so, you will realise that your limitation is only your imagination. Sometime ‘later’ becomes ‘never’—so do it now. Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction.

And as you chart the future course of your career, Competition Success Review (CSR) remains, as has been for the last 60 years, your veritable guide and mentor. Like lakhs of its successful readers, you too can count on it. In fact, you would appreciate that even in the disruptive times of corona-induced lockdown, CSR, in contrast to many other magazines, has kept alive its decades-long tradition of uninterrupted publication. And the more exciting news is that the CSR has now also gone digital in tune with the new times to serve more and more readers. Taking all the uncertainties, difficulties and challenges in stride—in all respects of finances, logistics and health—CSR has come out with the print as well as digital CSR editions of May, June and July 2020. Stay with the CSR and continue reaping the benefits of its 60-year experience in shaping the careers of youngsters. With us, dream big, dream different and write your own destiny!

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