An aimless journey is a waste of time and other invaluable resources. Selecting a destination andplanning the itinerary are the important steps to be taken before embarking on a journey. Similarly, setting a role model in life makes one aware of the hurdles one might face, the ways to overcome them and the stages one […]

The Quit India Movement

World War II took an alarming turn for India when Japan made a surprise attack on the American fleet at Pearl Harbour in Hawaii on December 7, 1941 and destroyed their 20 warships and about 250 aircraft. Next day, the Japanese forces occupied Shanghai and Thailand. On the third day, they sank two British battleships, […]


Originally coined as a term during the early 2000s, BRIC referred to the global economic weight of Brazil, Russia, India and China. The term was popularised through financial reports developed by the investment bank Goldman Sachs and it foresaw the economic importance that these four nations would carry on the world stage during the coming […]

Public Services

The standard and efficiency of administration in any country depend ultimately on the calibre, training and integrity of the members of the public services. When the aim of a constitution is the establishment of a welfare state, it is evident that the functions of such a state will embrace a wide range of activities. The […]


Pen and sword are two different objects, when compared they would have nothing in common, yet it is a famous proverb that “the pen is mightier than a sword”. This proverb itself symbolises the greatness and effectiveness of a pen as compared to a sword. Both are used in their specific areas, both have their […]

The Federal System

Administrative Relations Between The Union And The States One of the most difficult problems under a federal system is the adjustment of administrative relations between the Union and the States. In the absence of clear provisions in the Constitution, considerable difficulty is often experienced by the Union and the States in the discharge of their […]

The Swarajists

The elections to the Central Legislature and the Provincial Legislative Councils under the Government of India Act, 1919, were held in the winter of 1920. The Indian National Congress had resolved to boycott them. A number of liberal leaders were elected, prominent among whom were Srinivasa Shastri and Sivaswami Aiyer. They were great patriots and […]

Home Rule Movement

The First World War broke out in August 1914. The Allied powers claimed that they were fighting the war for freedom and democracy. At the beginning of the war, some of the Indian nationalists took the British statesmen on their word. They offered the utmost support to the government’s war efforts. Their hope was that […]

Be Bold, Lead And Succeed

Dear Friend, Flying Officer Avani Chaturvedi created history when she became the first Indian woman pilot of the Indian Air Force to complete a solo flight in a MiG-21 Bison fighter aircraft on February 19, 2018. She completed the half-an-hour long solo flight in the Russian-origin jet in the skies over Jamnagar Air Base in […]


“Keep your eyes on the Sun and you will not see the shadows.” —Australian Aborigine saying The struggle for freedom in India, from an empire whose “sun never set”, was a movement driven by hope. The movement against apartheid in South Africa, in spite of several setbacks, was kept alive with hope. When Dr. Martin […]


The famous English poet Wystan Hugh Auden had once rightly said that “Water is the soul of earth” as all prominent civilisations such as the Indus Valley Civilisation, the Mesopotamian Civilisation have come up on the banks of the Indus and Nile rivers. The land along the rivers was very fertile and all these civilisations […]


The 101st Amendment of the Constitution, National Goods and Services Tax is creating a radical change in the functioning of the Indian Economy. This is evident as Moody’s credit rating agency has upgraded India’s Government bond rating to Baa2 from Baa3. India has climbed 30 notches into the top 100 rankings on the World Bank’s […]