Each one must have an aim in life. An aimless life is directionless. Swami Vivekananda said : “Everything is possible, You can do anything and everything”. One must make the aim as one’s passion and have a clear focus towards one’s goal. When an ambition becomes the passion, you love doing it and won’t take it as a burden. One must dream big, sky is the limit. You will surely reach the stars. The choices that you make can bring differences in your life as well as in the lives of those for whom you want to make a difference.

It requires courage, strong will power, determination, consistent efforts, patience, persistence, perseverance and focus to fulfil one’s dream. Challenges, problems, setbacks are bound to come in the journey towards achieving your aim. Once you have taken a decision, you need to keep striving till the end.

My ambition in life is to become an IAS officer. The seeds of this dream have been there in my mind since childhood. Life and society have given me examples and strengthened my resolve to become an IAS officer. I am aware that this exam is one of the toughest, requires lot of efforts, hard work and dedication. It is a challenge to relish upon. Candidates of all diverse backgrounds of various age groups within the age limits attempt it.

Any ordinary candidate who has the zeal to work hard consistently can dream of clearing this exam irrespective of his financial, social, cultural and physical conditions. Some students are under the wrong perception that only toppers in academics can clear UPSC Civil Services Exam. The success stories of disabled candidates like Ira Singhal, blind lady Beno Zephine, etc. who have cleared the UPSC CSE in spite of their difficulties have inspired and instilled a faith in me to attempt this exam.

I have also been inspired by the success stories and works of various officers across the nation. They have made a huge impact on the lives of people, fought against injustice and corrupt politicians and have shown their commitment to serve the nation. Few examples are: Armstrong Pame is acclaimed for building people’s road with his own money and crowd funding, Smitha Sabharwal launched the ‘Fund Your City’ scheme, Durga Shakti Nagpal exposed the land scam  and also acted against the sand mafia, D.K. Ravi sacrificed his life for the service of the nation.

The social evils, injustice and various incidents of my life have strengthened my desire to become an IAS officer. Poverty, unemployment, inequality, lack of access to basic necessities, injustice to women, deaths, suicides are few of them to be mentioned.

IAS offers a wide area of scope, diversity, opportunity and responsibility of work. It gives a platform to work in the field, manage crisis, implement the policies and also participate in the decision-making process which can impact the lives of people and society.

Be it Health, Education, Women Empowerment, Energy Conservation, Law and Order, Justice, Agriculture, Irrigation, Tourism, Transport, Industries, etc. one can render you service in a wide area in the diverse fields at various positions. Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Teacher have rather a narrow and limited scope.

I have the passion to serve the nation, bring a difference in the lives of people and help in the development of the nation. Former President and ‘Missile Man of India’ the late Dr. Abdul Kalam has rightly said : “Dreams are something which don’t let you sleep”.

The job of a civil servant does not end after becoming a civil servant. Rather it is the beginning of a new journey towards plethora of opportunities and responsibilities.

UPSC CSE is a gruelling and exhausting exam. It tests the ultimate patience and perseverance. It is rightly said that one should not get disheartened by failures. One must keep trying and one day you will surely taste the fruits of success. One gets a single life to make aim into reality. Everything is possible.

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