Money has always been the greatest attraction for most of the people in this world. Whatever we have like wealth, property, cars, food, we are never satiated. Our desire for more and more always attracts us like a magnet. If we have millions, we want billions; if we own a small house, we want a big house. There is hardly anyone in this world who is satisfied with his/her own life, happiness, wealth and property. The wish for more and more continues till the last breath of life. In fact, this ambition acts as a booster for man to reach the peak of success.

I belong to a middle class family. There are many wishes of mine which need to be fulfilled. The middle class people spend the money wisely and cautiously. Only the needy things are bought first. If I were a millionaire, firstly I would make my life luxurious. Luxurious life has always been the centre of attraction for me since childhood. I wish to have a lavish house in a serene environment along with the nature’s blessings. Along with the mansion, I would like to have a car. I have an immense desire to go on world tour along with my family and friends. I am also a shopaholic. I love shopping for dresses, footwear, watches, etc. I will do enough shopping for myself and my family. I also would like to taste and enjoy the different foods from each and every corner of the world, since I am a foodie from the childhood.

After fulfilling all my personal desires, I would like to do some social work to make a better society.  India comes under the class of under-developed countries and ranks 103rd position on the Global Hunger Index. According to the report, prepared by Welthungerhilfe and Concern Worldwide, India is among the 45 countries that have “serious levels of hunger”. Poverty, undernourishment, lack of basic education to the children, child labour are the major problems in India that need to be eradicated. Potable water is not available for people living in remotely backward areas. Women have to travel far-off places to get water and still they don’t get clean water to drink. There are a number of people in India who do not have shelter and homes to live in. They spend their nights on streets or beside the road. People in backward areas and villages die because of lack of hospitals and doctors.

I will spend this money on welfare of the society. I will open schools for children to provide them elementary education. I will make arrangements for potable water for those who lack access to it. I will hire good and qualified doctors to provide treatment at low or free of cost. I will make dispensaries well equipped with the latest technology. I will provide shelter to homeless and jobs to jobless as well as small financial help to those who want to have their Startups. These are some of dreams that I will definitely fulfil, if I were a millionaire.        

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