Necessity leads to Discovery, as Hard and Smart work leads to Success…

The proverb ‘Necessity is the mother of all inventions’ highlights the reality of evolution in the technological world. It implies that when it is really necessary to accomplish a task, we actually end up doing it by hook or crook. The paramount and notable inventions have been the result of critical requirements in human life. Felt hungry, needed food, eating raw was the flaw that ended up with enlightenment of the Fire. From the commencement of the Indus Valley Civilisation, early man had discovered various agricultural practices to feed himself, as he interacted with the other abiotic factors, the requirement of
shelter led to the construction of houses and it still continues, setting up various discoveries like telephone, railways, electricity, aeroplanes, metro, and the list is endless. Indeed, necessities revolutionise the industrial setup for further development of human resources.

Necessities provide the pull but inventions facilitate comfort. Necessities instil the passion for achieving one’s goals as the need of light source drove Thomas Edison towards the invention of bulb. Any work, if done passionately, for the welfare of mankind is bound to have a positive outcome as 999 failures were not sufficient to cease the discovery of bulb. Similarly, various necessary inventions have simplified our hard life. People try to achieve something wholeheartedly only when it is truly mandatory for them. For instance, it was quite exhausting for the 19th century man to practise agricultural practices with plough, plows and other heavy equipment instead of contemporary motorised heavy tractor and combines.

Man’s necessity and desire to make the Earth a better place is the driving force behind all the inventions : be it weapons made of stone or highly loaded gizmo. It might be contradicted that rather than necessities, science is the driving force behind inventions but the reality is that essentials arouse the scientific intellectual brains that combine stipulations with science and thus lead to an invention.The resources found naturally on Earth were utilised only when there was high need. Metals, although exist separately then why alloys? Electricity is generated easily from Hydraulic power then what’s the fun of Solar electricity? If earthen pots can keep water cool then why refrigerators?

Such questions may trick us but this is the necessity or requirement or need of the hour that forces the intellectuals to find a sort of solution or substitute for further progress of mankind. Hence, all these evidences are enough to prove the correctness of the proverb.

Not only have humans undergone evolution but their needs and resources have also undergone evolution and modifications that bring better
survival opportunities on the Earth by the rapid inventions turning around the table daily. These could either be devastating like atomic and nuclear bombs or innocuous or lucrative and fruitful like super computers, smart phones, microwaves, MRI, X-ray scan and so on…

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