“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.”

—Edward Teller

Science and technology has become an indispensable member of every household. From ‘waking up in the morning’ to ‘going to sleep’, science has made a significant impact on our lives. Almost everything in our daily lives is constantly evolving, because science is creating wonders almost every day in every part of our lives. Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, has been quoted saying that “The only thing constant is change” and ‘science and its advancement’ fits this quote perfectly. Science and technology has been rapidly changing and growing in every area.

Science and its advancement helped us to imagine the unimaginable. It has infused comfort into every human’s life. Electricity came as a saviour for us during summer and winter, electrical appliances like refrigerator helped to store food, gadgets like mobile phones came as a means of effective communication, laundry became a click away, induction cooker and oven, etc. have revolutionised the way we cook and the ‘card’ and ‘mobile payment’ systems changed the way we shop.

Advancement in science and technology has made far reaching progress in all segments of the economy. The medical sector is the epitome of science and its growth. Science and technology plays a pivotal role, when it comes to patient care. The health care sector has shifted files and documents to electronic databases, which made it easier for both the providers and consumers of health care. Information became available 24×7, test results were made quickly, surgical procedures took less time due to scientific advancement and above all, many diseases became curable. Science helped health care sector to diagnose, treat, follow-up and take care of their patients.

A similar change happened in the education sector also­­— a sector which moulds tomorrow’s leaders. This sector has been immensely benefitted from science and its advancement. When education and technology integrated, the concept of learning changed. Science promotes an interactive, innovative and collaborative learning experience. It helps teachers to create a dynamic and flexible learning mechanism. Science and technology has opened doors to immense opportunities for both ‘students’ and ‘teachers’. At the same time, the prime most importance in this sector, should be given to the ‘teachers’. Science and technology and its advancement cannot outshine the input of teachers. Teachers can use science and technology to enhance the impact of their classes.

Science has made a huge change in the business field also. The relationship between science and business has evolved over centuries. Technology has revolutionised the way people shop and the way people conduct business. Increased communication, accessibility to information, economy of time and money, increased speed, increased efficiency, etc. are all examples of how science and technology has changed the face of business. Science has given small and large businesses an opportunity to expand their customer and product base. It has given a lease of life to the 4 Ps of marketing— Product, Price, Place and Promotion. This has extensively and positively impacted sales and growth potential of business units. Science and its advancement has increased employees’ productivity. Technology and its advancement is becoming an inevitable and essential tool in the business field. It has helped in boosting sales and generating more revenue. AI, cloud computing, IoT etc. are promising a better future in the business sector. The scientifically driven world has surely changed shopping experience for both marketers and consumers.

Science and technology is definitely shaping the future of the agriculture industry. From the use of machines on farms, modern transportation, genetically produced plants to E-agriculture, RFID, etc. science has been influencing every nook and corner of the agriculture sector. When ‘Science’ meets ‘Agriculture’ development takes place in the world economy. Science has also influenced many other sectors, such as, Infrastructure, Defence, Pharmaceuticals, Transport, Banking, etc.

Science has marked its presence in every possible space in the world. Life has become easy through science. Communication has become fast and cheaper through it. Transportation technology has evolved through the years, making it easy for people to travel even long distances quickly and easily. Entertainment industry flourished because of the influence of science and technology and its advancements. Quick and easy accessibility and availability of information is one of the miracles of scientific advancement. Science has undoubtedly conquered the medical, agriculture, entertainment, transport and business world. Every facet of life has an imprint of science.

Science has also made a very significant mark in the ‘flora and fauna world’. Plants and animals play a huge role in the advancement of the world. The world would not have existed if, there were no advancements or discoveries made in the ‘plant and animal world’. From the first organisms, multicellular life, the Cambrian explosion, the Triassic extinction, photosynthesis, discovery of DNA programming in plants to gene-editing technology, the ‘flora and fauna world’ has evolved and grown over millions of years. Science and its advancement is the crux of this evolution.

India’s tryst with science started centuries ago. The relationship between science and the country is still going on strong and powerful. From the world’s 2nd IVF baby, construction of ‘Dakshin Gangotri’, Nuclear test in Pokhran, PARAM 800, Chandrayaan-1, polio eradication, Mars Orbit Mission (MOM), Chandrayaan-2 to the much awaited ‘Gaganyaan’, India is living every moment of her scientific saga.

 Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam says, “Science is a beautiful gift to humanity; we should not distort it.” Using science in any field is an art. Science has the power to either ‘construct’ or ‘destruct’. If it is not properly utilised, then it leads to many problems. Humans misuse science in a lot of ways, like using it for illegal, destructive and dangerous purposes, which in turn leads to undesirable and unanticipated consequences. Hence, science should be utilised for the betterment of the world and not for its destruction.

‘The world is such a small place’ and it has been proved by science and its advancement from time to time. Global reach, infinite information availability, expanded communication network, interconnected markets, booming economic sectors, space exploration, etc. are landmarks of scientific advancement. We are approaching an Age, where ‘science’ and ‘our lives’ are becoming integrated and inseparable. An Age, where ‘science’ and ‘mankind’ support each other. An Age, which will promote enlightenment and growth. An Age, which will definitely create wonders. Hence, modern age is undoubtedly the age of science.     

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