‘BEEP’—a message arrived from a friend of London. ‘BEEP’—a missed call from aunt settled in France. ‘BEEP’—a missed video call from sister.

This ‘BEEP’ has become an everyday part of our life. I think, in today’s world, we hear more beeps than people’s voices. Rapid advancement in technology has made it a massive and an indispensable part of our life.

Take the telephone, for example, one of the most basic and simple ideas which was just used for transmitting voice from one place to another, has now become one of the main technological tools. The mobile phone which evolved from telephone, can do almost anything, ranging from calling to messaging to even clicking photographs. Mobile phone is like a shirt on body, everyone has it and one cannot live without it.

Technology, these days, not only helps us in communication but it also has a vital role in business, education, health care, defence and many more.

Paperless functioning and reduction of cash transactions have become very common since technology has improved. It has helped in cutting costs, preventing tax evasion and ensuring financial safety. It has also helped in keeping the environment clean. These days, a number of examinations are conducted online, saving lots of paper, money and manual labour.

Not only this, technology is also used by security forces, intelligence agencies and the local police for investigation. Furthermore, technology when combined with medical sciences has resulted in wonders. It has saved a lot of lives and has improved health in many ways. It is helping in diagnosis as well as in treatment. From ECG to the PET Scan machine, technology is used everywhere. The diseases even like cancer can be cured with the help of technology.

Technology has also entered the automobile sector in a big way. We can book a cab by just a click on our mobile phone and travel across the city. Not only this, we can also book our flight and train tickets online without standing in long queues. Tickets for several events as well as movies can be booked by just sitting at home. We can also do shopping, including clothing, groceries, books, sports, medicine and what not, just while sitting at home.

Thus, technology has made completion of tasks convenient in every field. Things have become very simple and easy. It is as simple as what you see is what you get. Moreover, technology is being improved day by day.

Technology has also taken a new turn which is artificial intelligence. It is intelligence exhibited by machines and has many applications in today’s society. Specially, in aviation sector artificial intelligence is playing a major role. With artificial intelligence, we have lot more to see in many other fields and areas  which it is entering.

The famous author Arthur C. Clarke also said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” Technology is indeed a magic. Some years before, people could not even think of what we are experiencing today and it is all because of technology.Technology is the greatest contribution to mankind by man. Therefore, if used properly, it is a boon for the humans. In fact, it is the greatest achievement of man after many ages of ignorance.  

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