Life cannot be always work. In other words, we cannot spend all our time by doing something. There have to be breaks at regular intervals to relax and refresh ourselves. Holidays are such breaks that provide a great change to life. Hence, holidays are fun. These are the days of feasting and merry-making. Holidays help us to energise ourselves. They take away the burden of work and make us feel rejoiced. A holiday is a free time and it should be spent in this spirit only. A holiday can bring great joy, if it is spent as a holiday. Holiday must be enjoyed in a jolly mood.

Holidays are the most awaited time of the year. We yearn for holidays to take a break from our monotonous routine and make numerous plans for the same. While some of our plans materialise others are postponed for next holidays. Holidays hold a special place in everyone’s life. No matter how old we are or what profession we are involved in we always look forward to holidays. Holidays are a good time to take a break from the routine. It is the time to indulge in our hobbies, meet our old friends and extended family members. From childhood I have a craze for summer holidays. The tour of my hometown has always been a beautiful memory in my heart. The scenic beauty, local language, food etc. remind me of the diversity of our country. The city has tall skyscrapers with attitude but villages have mountains with altitude. Everyone can sense divinity and purity in travel and tour. That supreme feeling is given by holidays.

Holidays are a great time to bond with family and friends. It is also a time to follow your interests and rejuvenate yourself. So, make the most of this time. Holidays hold immense importance in a person’s life. Be it a student, a working professional or a businessman—everyone wants a break from his or her tedious work. Holidays provide this much-awaited opportunity. Working professionals mostly have long working hours these days. Many people even require working after they get back home from their workplace. This hectic professional life often takes a toll on their personal life. They are hardly able to spend any time with their family members and this results in conflicts and strained relationships which have a bad effect on their personality as well as their behaviour. Holidays give them an opportunity to spend time with their family to strengthen the bond. It is a good idea to plan a family vacation. Socialising is also very important and this can also be done during holidays as the hectic work schedule does not allow any room for it during the regular days. Holidays are also a time to relax and focus on one’s physical as well as mental health. Sound health enhances productivity.

However, holiday is not a time to take a break from your studies or work. In fact it is the time to improve on these things. If you leave your work or study during your holidays (especially during long vacations) you will find it very difficult to get back with it as you resume your office/school. This will create dissatisfaction and you will yearn for another holiday to set things right. So why not keep things managed during your break and get back to work with confidence and enthusiasm. One can plan to take up a language class, learn car driving, do gardening etc. Simply visit a hill or sea shore and enjoy nature’s beauty. Introduce to yourself a new chapter or side of life.  Life is a gift given by  God and holidays are golden hours which make our lives glitter.           

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