A Champion Puts All He Has In Every Punch

Dear Friend,

With an overhaul in economic policies, introduction of GST and with a new approach towards Digital India, the country today offers far greater opportunities than ever before to our youth. Those young men and women who have faith in themselves, the courage and the urge to reach great heights can find many openings to prove themselves. All that is required is to seize the initiative, grab the opportunity and to make things happen, instead of waiting and wailing. Identify your special interests, strengths, skills and talents and harness them to accomplish your ambition. The first step toward realisation of your ambition is to wake up, get up and spring to action. Only one thing can limit your achievement and success and that is yourself or your thinking.

The establishment of a goal is the golden key to successful living. Your journey should begin by first deciding your precise destination. This is the first step to make your life successful. Then decide what you want to do and concentrate on it. Set your goal and drive for it through every obstruction, past every discouragement and over every temptation to stop or turn aside. Set your face to the chosen goal and let not your eyes wander, your mind waver and your steps falter. One can succeed in every undertaking if one sticks doggedly to it.

Focus on one objective at a time. The one indispensable prerequisite of success is the will concentrated and riveted to a single goal. Your will is the key to all your accomplishments. When your will takes command, your success is sure and certain. It will make you to resolve into yourself, ‘I am earnest; I will not equivocate; I will not excuse; I will not retreat a single inch; and I will make it’. The minute you say, I will and I mean it, a threefold magic combination clicks in you. Your doubts have vanished and a strong new force propels you. Your powers are no longer at loose ends but get welded into one unified driving force. You are at once anchored, no longer uncertain or unsteady but firm on your feet and set in your direction. You are instantly energised and are full of more potential.

Once you have decided on what is to be your life’s mission, devote yourself to learning all you can and should about it. You study it profoundly and let your mind get pervaded by it. The more you know about your work the more it will take possession of you. The more it possesses you, the more your ambition will grow for mastering it.

Ultimately it is action that counts. Success calls for effort—sustained, determined effort. Effort is work and imaginative work is the beginning, middle and end of success. He who works will succeed in direct proportion to his toils. There is no substitute for work since work can solve any problem. Your motto should be, ‘Never mind yesterday, never mind tomorrow, but concentrate on doing today’s work today itself’. No matter how brilliant and efficient you are, neither yesterday nor tomorrow can do today’s work. Effective work has two facets, quantity and quality, and success is dependent on a judicious blend of these two. How a man does what he does determines the measure and magnitude of his success.

Striving steadfastly for your success,

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