Success And Strength Alike Spring From Knowledge

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The secret of success, the source of strength, the foundation of power and the path to glory and fame is KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge is power and ideas rule the world. When you know the answers, your success in the examination, test or interview is assured. When you know the secret of the business, you make a profit. When you know your goal, you march towards it with firm, determined steps and accomplish your objective and realise your ambition. To gain what you want, you must know, what to do, how to do and when to do. To win a person over to your side, you must know what interests him and moves him and why he acts and behaves the way he does. If the doctor knows what exactly is the ailment, he can make the right diagnosis and definitely make the patient alright. If the mechanic or engineer can diagnose the defect in the machine, it can be repaired instantly. If the computer engineer knows the bug in a computer programme, he can work on eliminating it and make the programme error-free. To win and succeed, you must therefore know. You must acquire the knowledge. Knowledge never goes waste. Knowledge can never be robbed or stolen. Therefore, to win and lead, you must first acquire this vital knowledge. Knowledge is one of the most treasured virtues.

There are many examples in history as well as in the current times where knowledge forms the hard, rocky bedrock on which stands the superstructure of success. The Indian Missile programme is a perfect example of this. Our indomitable scientists have worked hard despite global sanctions, denial of technology to build a credible strategic deterrence. The recent successful test of India’s longest range Agni-V missile has ensured that India joins an elite club of nations. Similarly, India’s indigenous supercomputer programme which started after the denial of technology by the West has taken enormous strides. The recent unveiling of Pratyush, the latest indigenous supercomputer, is a testament of India’s expertise in supercomputers. 

It is now so easy and simple to gain knowledge, enhance it and keep it up-to-date. In the ancient days, you had to stay years with the masters, to acquire knowledge. Today you can learn even while you earn and relax. With a marginal investment of money and time, you can obtain the maximum amount of knowledge, thanks to your friend and companion, the Competition Success Review. You do not have to read voluminous books, mass of newspapers and magazines. The best and most of everything that contributes to your success and strength is carefully gathered, intelligently edited and interestingly presented to you, so that you gain knowledge with pleasure.

You can confidently face any competitive examination, interview or personality test if you have been reading CSR regularly. The magazine contains numerous sections like “Current Issues”, “Current Events of National and International Importance” as well as eagerly awaited features like “IAS Topper Talks to You”. These features, as well as meticulously prepared mock tests from top institutes, help you to have an extra edge in the highly competitive Civil Services Examination (CSE).

Working hard for your knowledge and success.

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