There is a very popular and well-known saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This is absolutely true, because if we only work continuously and do not play, our body will become dull and inactive. That is why playing games and taking part in various sporting activities is very essential. They are part and parcel of our life. We cannot ignore their importance. For this reason, we find them also as part of school curriculum as well as an integral part of schooling and learning process. Therefore, various games viz. cricket, football, basketball, volleyball and many others have been introduced in almost all the schools and colleges.

Taste differs from person to person. As such, it is also applicable to the choice of games. Many like indoor games, whereas others like outdoor games according to their liking. But, I do not bother about others’ choices and liking. So far as I am concerned, I enjoy playing all sorts of games—both indoor and outdoor. Among the indoor games, I enjoy playing carrom and chess the most. I also enjoy playing badminton and table tennis. But among the outdoor games, the game I like most is basketball, because this particular game somehow charms me much. Besides, whenever I watch a game of basketball, it fills me with joy and delight. Apart from these, one of the main reasons for my liking of this game is that it is a fast-moving game and full of action. Quickness, foresightedness, skill and co-operation are the hallmarks of this game. Above all, quick movements and fast thinking are also the key to success in this game.

Another reason why I like this game most is that unlike many other games, it can be watched from close distance. Watching a game from a close quarter has a tremendous effect upon the spectators, because they feel the heat and the spirit of the game. Therefore, basketball is one of the most exciting games in the world.

Another notable feature of basketball is that it is played by a few players in comparison with many other outdoor games. It is played by ten players with five players on each side. Therefore, this game can be easily and quickly organised. Apart from these, the basketball court occupies little space. So, it can be easily constructed in a small area such as in front of buildings, courtyards etc. Besides, another advantage of basketball is that the game calls for excellent group co-operation. It is not a one man’s game like cricket or football. In cricket or football, one good player makes the difference and changes the defeat into a victory by scoring well. Basketball is a game which calls for team co-operation, united efforts and joining strategy. If this game is dominated by a single player, the team is likely to face defeat. Hence, it is one of the few outdoor games where co-operation among the teammates is the key to success.

Generally, the game of basketball is played for a duration of sixty minutes with ten minutes’ interval. The officials required in this game are the referee, recordkeeper, timekeeper and the scorekeeper. All others work in collaboration with the referee in conducting the game smoothly. The score is counted by the number of baskets each team puts into the other’s ring. Each basket “Put” in carries two points. The team which gets highest score wins the game.

In conclusion, to me, the game of basketball is one of the best games that man has ever invented. This game is fast, exciting and full of action. It requires good co-operation, foresightedness, skill and organisation. It is a nice game to watch and enjoy also. A well-played basketball match can certainly evoke joy and delight and give you moments of relaxation and thrill. For all the above reasons, basketball is my favourite game and I like it most. 

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