Time and tide are natural phenomena. Like other agents of nature, they too have no consideration and regard for any individual. Man cannot change the course of time and tide. They are beyond the control of human hands. Man finds himself helpless before them. In ancient times¸ there were no steamships. There were huge boats equipped with sails. They were called ships. Their launching in the sea was a difficult affair, which depended on the tide. The sailors had to wait for weeks and sometimes for months, because their ships could not sail without the help of a tide. As soon as the tide came, they sailed their ships away with it. If they missed the chance, they had to wait for the next tide about which there could be no certainty. A tide never waits for any sailor. It is for the sailor to wait and take advantage of the tide when it comes. If they fail, they suffer the consequences.

In the similar fashion, opportunity knocks at our door rarely. We must make use of it properly without missing the chance and wasting our time. Once we start postponing, we will finally find that it is very difficult to finish all tasks in one day. There is no use in thinking of the time we lost because we can never get it back again. It is truly said that, “Don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.” We should be very punctual in our lives. A student needs to know the value of time so that he can study well and get good grades. A professional must know the value of time so that he or she can be successful in life. Only a successful man knows the value of time because he has come up with proper use of time combined with hard work. So, time should not be procrastinated, instead every single second should be used carefully. Then only a person will scale the  heights of success.

Time is like a river. As the current of river flows ahead and never comes back, the same is with time. Once lost it cannot be regained. Ben Hecht said, “Time is a circus always packing up and moving away.” Time once past cannot come again. We have to move ahead with the time to achieve something in life. If you do not follow the time, you will unquestionably have to pay a high cost for this. You cannot use the ‘undo’ command in life and edit again. Another quality of time is its equality. It works at the same speed/pace for both the wealthiest and the poorest. We cannot imagine how fast the time is. You wink your eye and the moment is past. You will never get back the time wasted by you.

In World War II, Atom bombs were dropped by America on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan in 1945. It seemed as if Japan would be destroyed forever, its economy would never be able to recover. But time did not come to a standstill. Today, Japan is one of the leading nations of the world in terms of Technology. This is because the Japanese did not wait for the time, rather they acted.Time is very demanding. It will not stand still even for a second. A lost second is a lost chance. So it is important to make the best use of the time we have. The success of life depends upon making use of the time to its best advantage. Timely and prompt action can work wonders for us. Therefore, as time and tide wait for no man, we must make the best use of them.

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