Questions And Answers From The BBC World TV Quiz Game

By Siddhartha Basu
of Kaun Banega Crorepati
Popular T.V. Show

Competition Success Review had been serialising selected questions from the book BBC :
The Complete Mastermind. Now we are proud to present different sets of questions every month from
another book—BBC Mastermind India, edited and compiled by India’s Ace Quiz Master Siddhartha Basu
and published by Teksons Bookshop, New Delhi, in association with BBC. CSR hopes that its readers
from all over India will find the series useful not only for various competitive examinations
but also in widening knowledge base of India and the World, so that
they are able to participate creditably in various Quiz Contests.

1. What term in business is derived from the Latin for ‘broken bench’?

     2.  The name of which enclosure is derived from the Greek unit of measurement for the distance covered in six hundred feet ?

     3.  Which monument in Delhi built by Sher Shah Suri in 1545 gets its present name from the execution of the two sons of Bahadur Shah II by the British ?

     4.  Which gas, when first recognised as an element was named Azote by the French chemist Antoine Lavoisier, because of its inability to support life ?

     5.  Which architectural term is used to refer to a series of arches usually of the same size ?

     6.  Which sage cursed Dharma to be reincarnated on earth as Vidura ?

     7.  According to Hindu myth, who is Vishnu’s tenth and last incarnation ?

     8.  Against which African state did the Romans fight the second Punic Wars between 218 and 210 BC ?

     9.  The parliament of which country, first convened in 930 AD, is called the Althing?

   10.  The name of which ant-eater African mammal literally means ‘earth pig’ in Afrikaans ?

   11.  Which mouse deer is found mainly in peninsular India and normally rests in tree holes ?

   12.  Which medieval kingdom’s ruins would you find at Hampi in Karnataka ?

   13.  Which nineteenth century French writer’s title is now used in English to denote ‘pleasure from inflicting pain on others’ ?

   14.  What term derived from the Greek word meaning ‘Authority’ was first used to describe the dominance of Athens over other Greek city states ?

   15.  The south eastern US city of New Orleans lies at the mouth of which great river system ?

   16.  After which part of a bird’s anatomy was the strategic salient in Jammu, between the Chenab and the Chander Bagher, named ?

   17.  On the surface of which planet was the ‘Caloris Basin’ first imaged by Mariner 10 in 1974 ?

   18.  Gopal Krishna Gokhale first came into prominence as the additional joint secretary under which long serving Parsee Congress general secretary ?

   19.  Which former East Asian state was ruled by the ‘White Raja’, Britisher James Brookes, and his descendants between 1841 and 1946 ?

   20.  Which fort, built by Raja Ajai Pal Chauhan in the seventh century was captured by Mohammed Ghauri when he defeated Prithviraj Chauhan in 1193 AD ?


1. Bankruptcy

2.   Stadium

3.   Khooni Darwaza

4.   Nitrogen

5.   Arcade

6.   Mardanya

7.   Kalki

8.   Carthage

9.   Iceland

10. Aardvark

11. Chervotain

12. Vijayanagara

13. Marquis de Sade

14. Hegemony

15. Mississippi

16. Chicken’s Neck

17. Mercury

18. Dinshaw Wacha

19. Sarawak

20. Ajmer Fort

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