The 43rd edition of the CSR Year Book (2024) is a most-reliable single-point reference book of the latest up-to-date information on competition-exams-oriented topics concerning India and the World. A leading publication in its class, this CSR Year Book 2024 serves as veritable treasure-trove of authentic information, which is highly useful for all competitive examinations. A must-have for all those looking to crack the competitive exams' General Studies section, The CSR Year Book 2024 also includes a free up-to-date India Political Map (18”x25”) and World Latest Map (18”x25”). Amongst a long range of topics, it includes:

  •  Cover story on India landing on Moon through Chandrayaan-3
  •  Outstanding Achievers and Important Events – National & International.
  •  Year at a Glance – Honours & Awards. 
  •  Topics of the Year. 
  •  Exploration of the universe
  •  Latest on the world we live in.
  •  UN & International Organisations.
  •  Fundamentals of Science.
  •  Basic General Knowledge.
  •  Bird’s Eye View of our India.
  •  Sports & Games
  •  Top Who’s Who: India & The World
  •  Illustrated Features


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