In today's times of new-age transition complemented by high-speed economic and technological advancements, there is an unnerving glut of career opportunities out there. It is so much so that it has assumed the proportion of the problem of plenty, putting our youngsters at the confusing cross-roads of career choices. The present scenario is such that you need professional guidance to meander through the modern-day labyrinths of career paths. If you, as a fresher in the realm higher education, also find yourself in similar situation, go no far as it is here that this professionally and comprehensively conceptualised Career Almanac 2022 by the CSR Group comes to your help and rescue. This CSR Career Almanac 2022 focuses and guides you on a multitude of old and new careers available. Brought out as a one-stop window of career guidance, it aims to convert an otherwise nerve-wracking and time-consuming career-search exercise into a revealing, learning, time-saving and result-oriented experience. It helps you make most-informed decision about your future by enabling you to find a career most suited to you from among more than 550 traditional and new options listed in this publication. Besides focusing exclusively on careers, the CSR Career Almanac 2022 also incorporates who's who, up-to-date current topics and objective type solved question papers of a range of competitive examinations, including the General Test section of the latest CUET (UG) 2022. In a nutshell, the CSR Career Almanac 2022 is a must-read publication for those looking forward to make it big in their future by making the most-judicious decision about their career choice now.

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