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Yes, You Can Do It Best Or Not At All

Dear Friend,

Whether the task is great or small, if you once begin it, never leave till it is done. What is
more important, either you do it well or just do not do it at all. Always remember that we must
do the thing that ought to be done, as it ought to be done. Never attempt a thing in a halfhearted,
haphazard, slipshod and disinterested manner. Anything you have decided to do is
worth doing. Otherwise you would not have attempted it at all. The size of the task is
immaterial, success or failure is again another question but what matters is that you do that
job thoroughly and best. The man who seeks one thing in life, and only one, may hope to
achieve it before life is done. But he who seeks and attempts too many things and completes
none will only reap regrets.

Once you have begun a thing, go full blast into it. You must put all you have got in whatever
thing you decide to do. Whatever is worth doing at all is also worth doing it well. “Whatsoever
thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might”, says one of the Ecclesiastes of the Bible. A fighter
puts all he has into every punch. The surest way to get all things done that you want to do
is to put all of yourself into doing one thing at a time.

Think well before you embark on a task. Take as much time as you want to decide what you
want to do; determine your goal. Once decided, get going straight. Draw up your plans, mark
your routes, start and keep moving. Do not hesitate or vascillate. Show determination and
resoluteness and do the task on hand thoroughly and well. Always aim at perfection in
whatever you attempt. If competing in a competitive examination, aim for the first position. If
appearing in any university examination, aim at the first position with distinction. Prepare
yourself thoroughly, proceed boldly, do the task best, succeed surely and certainly.

Your favourite magazine, Competition Success Review, always and firmly believes in perfection
and thoroughness. It does immense hard work, preparing meticulously and working continually
to bring you the best and the things that matter most for success. Every word that goes into
the magazine is weighed and considered from the view point of its utility to the readers. Only
those articles, topics, new items and features which will be of immense use to you from
competition angle, which will help you to lead and succeed in life, are allowed to pass. It wants
to stand by your side as your trusted companion and hence it goes by the motto “Do it best
or not at all”. Anything worth doing for our readers is worth doing the best.

Finally we wish to thank all our enthusiastic readers for the magnificent trust and great
appreciation they have extended over the years to CSR. We are happy to have come up to
the high expectations of our dear readers.
Wishing you all the best,

Yours sincerely,
(Surendra Kumar Sachdeva)

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