About us

Competition Success Review, or CSR for short, is India’s premier general knowledge magazine. Our magazine is hugely popular across India, particularly with students who wish to appear for competitive entrance exams (Civil Service, MBA and others). Its content includes general knowledge trivia with a focus on Indian current events, Interview with IAS toppers, Interview and GD tips and sample question papers for different competitive examinations.

CSR was established in 1964 by Mr. S. K. Sachdeva who is also the Managing Director. Its popularity is validated by many sources – as per Audit Bureau of Circulation figures CSR is India’s Largest Selling Magazine in English Among all Fortnightlies & Monthlies (January- June 2007).

As per the National Readership Surveys CSR “India’s largest” magazine in this category and a “leader for the last four decades”. As per the NRS (National Readership Survey) 2001, CSR emerged as the largest selling magazine among all monthlies and fortnightlies with a total readership of 7.4 million. The head office of Competition Success Review is located in New Delhi.

It has indeed been a Herculean task to meet the varying demands of a nation and the ambitions of the youth eager the make a mark in life. Accordingly, CSR sought to reflect the spirit of the times. In a highly competitive world, only the persevering lot can hitch their wagons to a star and CSR provided the wherewithal to make the ordinary youth an extraordinary person by igniting the spark in an ambitious mind. Our efforts are validated by the fact that many of our regular and committed subscribers today excel in different walks of life. This makes us proud of our efforts.

The mighty Ganga and Competition Success Review (CSR) share a common chord!!! Both started with a humble beginning and went through a meandering course till they reached their destinations. Forty years ago, CSR started with a humble beginning and a small readership. Like the Bhagirathi, it struggled the hard way to earn the status as the foremost youth magazine in the country. It has been a herculean task to cater to the varying demands of a nation on the upsurge and the ambitions of the youth eager to make a mark in life. CSR sought to reflect the spirit of the times.

Meeting The Challenges Of Life

CSR has not left a single area untouched in moulding the personality of the youth. Apart from honing the skills or intellect of young minds, CSR has been instrumental in making them better human beings. We have made sustained efforts to promote character building coupled with sharpening the intellect of the youth. The man who is a prey to fear, jealousy, greed or any other negative stimuli will end up as failure even if he is intellectually sound. A wholesome personality is required to accept the challenges of life and go on unperturbed by setbacks or successes in life.
CSR has contributed to building up of the top brains in the Civil Services, the officer cadre in different PSU’s, the Defence Services and several other sectors. The published interviews with the top winners in the IAS have provided the right guidance to aspirants to become Civil Servants. These interviews highlight how the winners ascended the success ladder and also where they have erred. Only balanced personalities, endowed with poise and proper general awareness on all subjects can emerge as leaders in any given situation.
Amongst the popular features brought out by CSR are Group Discussions and Facing the Interview Board. The compendium on General Knowledge and Current Affairs with every issue adds value to the magazine. The ‘Burning Topics’ section brings an update of the latest happenings in the country and abroad. This news capsule aids in recalling the latest happenings that is critical for the cracking the Civil Services. The cardinal features of the Constitution of India are available in a regular section that gives a gist of the constitution.

The Summit of Success

Guiding the youth to the summit of success, is the motto towards which the humble endeavour of CSR is directed. Unlike other periodicals or newspapers, CSR is the only magazine that has promoted the concept of positive thinking. The idea of success is so deeply embedded with the ethos of CSR that the reader is motivated to focus on the goal and put in his best. You dream success; you live success and ultimately achieve it. You become what you think….
Keeping abreast with the changing times, the magazine provides a window to the changing world and changing India. CSR helps people tap their hidden potential, use it for their own success and for the advancement of the country.for more visit: Click Here