Open Your Mind; Enjoy The Choices

Dear Friend,

Everyone in this world grows with the growth of his thoughts, the sum total of his diverse experiences. Some thoughts are the legacy of the family, some of the society he lives in and some are the result of his own interaction with the people he comes across. Some thoughts are the product of his knowledge acquired through different means. All those thoughts in some way or the other make up his personality and he is always in complete control of his houghts. He is often seen deciding his actions according to his thoughts. But such thoughts sometimes act as an impediment to growth. He must allow himself to be ready to accept new and noble thoughts, if he wants to improve his personality.

Remember that when you open your mind, you free yourself from having to be incomplete control of your thoughts. Thus you become receptive to the thoughts expressed by others and gain in knowledge. It adds to your growth as an individual and motivates you to carry out your task more efficiently that ultimately leads to your sure success. In fact, life at every step comes with a little variation, a little change. This change stresses the fact that real freedom comprises the ability to enjoy the choices we make in every successive moment in the present. There is a famous quote by Edward Noyes Westcott—“The only man who can change his mind is a man who has got one.” Making changes according to the demand of the situation is an established practice and prudent people make necessary changes according to the exigency of the situation.

Great people are thought to be admirable and we emulate them because they did something more than what other people did. “He who does anything because it is the custom, makes no choice” according to John Stuart Mill. Actually, it is your originality which matters most. Even if you do the same thing s people do, you should have a different approach, a different way of carrying it out. It will give you great satisfaction. You should, however, have a well-defined purpose. It will keep you from wasting your energy and time. Take, for example, the examination you want to appear at. You will in all probability
prepare yourself mentally for it. The decision itself offers you an opportunity to look for the ways to lay out a suitable schedule for preparation. In your schedule for preparation, comes your choice of the reading material needed for the purpose and the guidance of the experts. Remember, you cannot crack an examination if you simply wish. You will have to make it your priority, your only purpose. It is only when you make it your purpose that you can emerge successful. Always remember that great minds have purposes, little minds have wishes. It is your success in the examination that brings you a sense of satisfaction and security. It fills your mind with positivity that encourages you to march on the path of success further.

Wishing you flexibility of mind to adapt to every situation,
Yours sincerely,
Surendra Kumar Sachdeva

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