One Man With Courage Makes A Majority

Dear Friend,

Everybody who lives in midst of people has to face problems in order to live comfortably, because every society calls for some solution to every difficulty so that it can run in an organised way. But difficulties are to be done away with patience and determination and should not deter you from accomplishing what you want. In fact, difficulties act as tools to make one conscious of one’s own ability. Once you solve a crisis you become confident that you have got the mettle to face that crisis or any similar one quite easily. This selfconfidence adds to your strength instead of discouraging you. “Every crisis offers you extra desired power”—this quote by William Moulton Marston lays stress on this truth of life. Even in day-to-day life you have to face many problems which are uncalled for, but you sort them out to carry on your day’s work. Naturally, when you take up a task to finish it in stipulated time, you will have to persevere with the problems and obstructions if you want to emerge victorious.

Many a time you come across the accounts of great men who succeeded in the pursuit of their respective goals only after continuous attempts. History is replete with the success stories of many champions who tasted the fruit of success after getting defeated once or more times. In a competition, you have to compete with your peers who are equals or even more qualified than you and have got the same level of understanding that you possess. In order to emerge victorious among them, you have to improve on your strategy, knowledge and way of presenting things. Not that everytime your success is assured. But you should not get discouraged. If you continue your efforts in a dedicated way, there is nothing that can stop you from attaining your goal. Like a boxing champion, you must fight till end, because you become a champion by fighting one more round. This is a very tough decision, but you can think in favour of such a decision, if you have courage and determination. Your physical ability is nothing in comparison with your courage and zeal. You should always remember that courage fills your mind with positive feelings and never allows negativity to set in. In fact, it makes the atmosphere around you so conducive to attempts and success that those close to you also give up negativity and think of every difficulty as an opportunity. True courage is like a kite; a contrary wind raises it higher in the sky instead of making it fall to the ground. When you develop courage to challenge every difficulty, the number of difficulties narrows down to make way for your phenomenal success. You do not give importance to any problem that a task entails and keep your mind fixed on its accomplishment. In fact, every problem or crisis refines life. In it you discover what you are.

Your courage helps you keep your faith in yourself intact and encourages you to chalk out your strategy and follow your schedule in the most effective way possible. It keeps you from indecision and uncertainty. You become aware of the outcome of every step and assess your progress and the distance left to cover for the accomplishment of your task. There is a famous quote—, “One man with courage makes a majority.” Hence courage never allows you to think like a loser.

Keep your courage intact and achieve everything you desire,
Yours sincerely,
Surendra Kumar Sachdeva

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