Enjoy Every Moment As It Comes

Dear Friend,

“True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body”—is a famous quote by Humboldt. These words are the result of years of experience and keen observation. An idle and inactive individual is deprived of all enjoyment because he will not feel the thrill that enjoyment entails. The activity of the mind and the exercise of the body call for a resolve to keep oneself engrossed in a task to be accomplished in order to achieve a definite goal. If you set a goal for yourself, you automatically get into the habit of taking all the pains with a view to achieving it. You exercise your mind and body to know the nuances of your task quite mindful of the labour involved. If you are sincere and determined, every step that you take forward gives you a lot of satisfaction and you enjoy every bit of your action. This you do because you are aware of the fact that you have to enjoy life today itself; yesterday is gone and tomorrow is yet to come.

You should never forget that time does not wait for any man and life is short. Time goes by very fast. Once it passes, it can neither be brought back nor lived again. You have to act in the moment you live and think of making progress only in the present. This can be done only when you train yourself properly and maintain a strict routine. A well-laid-out plan to march in a definite direction ought to be made part of your life. In this way, you can derive immense pleasure from every moment that you spend. “Cheerfulness in most cheerful people is the rich and satisfying result of strenuous discipline”. Disciplined
life keeps you from deviation and you can concentrate all your energy and resources towards the fulfilment of the dream you have cherished. As you are a product of your society, you are required to learn things from those around you and enjoy life with those beside you. For example, if cracking a difficult and important test is your goal, despite all sincere efforts you cannot succeed if you do not share your views with others and discuss your problems with your peers and teachers. Never get complacent and do not underestimate others even if they are inferior to you.

Always remember that getting involved in a positive action provides you with the opportunity to enjoy every second of your life before it becomes too late. For example, even today’s newspapers will become tomorrow’s waste paper, if you do not read them. You simply have to remain aware of the fact that life is like a roller coaster and it has its ups and downs. Do not get too much elated when you succeed in your efforts and do not get disheartened if success eludes you at some juncture. Just enjoy both situations, showing resilience of spirit and make necessary changes in your strategy whenever required. Have courage to continue your efforts despite some setback.

The grand essentials of happiness do not comprise only niceties of life. They are, in fact, something to do, something to love and something to hope for. If you are determined to remain happy, no setback will deprive you of it. Your single-minded determination will keep you glued to your purpose and your hope will rejuvenate you after every failure. A determined mind never gives in to difficulties and pressure. In the words of one of the greatest writers of all time, Ernest Hemingway, —“Courage is grace under pressure.”

Wishing your action to be like never before,
Yours sincerely,
Surendra Kumar Sachdeva

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